Meet Our Newest Family Member

We decided that since it has been over a year since Becky passed away, it was time to get another dog. We wanted a dog that had the same good nature and temperament as Becky and decided that a Kelpie/ Kelpie X would be the breed for us.

After some searching and some disappointments, we found Ava. She is a 6 month old Working Kelpie, who was rescued from the pound by Petrescue From what we can tell she must have been mistreated by her original owners as she is very timid and skittish.

We picked her up from her foster home at Singleton last Sunday and since then she is quickly gaining trust and confidence in her new home.

She spent most of this evening exploring the backyard and we found that she had discovered the fish pond and gone for an evening dip, you can’t blame her though, the weather has been so unseasonably warm. She then decided that our bed would be a great place to dry off ( my fault, I forgot to shut the bedroom door)

I plan to post regular images and clips of her on the blog. I also plan to blog every couple of days. I have so many photos and information on the Sydney area and places that we go for walks, its a shame not to do something with it.


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