Urban Treasures

Tram Warehouse, originally uploaded by mickyg9.

I was surfing through the internet today and stumbled upon a place that really took my interest, the abandoned Rozelle Tram station. I didn’t even know that this place existed and I have lived in Sydney all my life

It was built in 1904 and is located south of Harold Park Raceway, next to Jubilee Oval, Glebe Point.It has stood empty since the 1960’s. It is currently owned by the Harold Park Raceway, who would like to develop it into flats. As the site is heritage listed and sits in the middle of parkland, a stalemate has ensued.
There are also about half a dozen old trams in it that were until recently in near perfect condition (having been sourced for a proposed heritage tram route in the Rocks that was later abandoned). They have now been heavily vandalised and are covered with graffiti.

What an awesome place for a photoshoot.Unfortunately the place is locked up like Fort Knox, although some keen photographers have managed to wiggle their way though a small window and get in there long enough to get some great photos, before being shooed off by the security guards.

…Apocalypto…., originally uploaded by SpaceCadet37.

Another great place that I would love to visit is the Old White Bay Power House.

Located on Victoria Rd White Bay (Rozelle). White Bay Power Station is a heritage-listed former coal-fired power station sitting on 3.8 hectares of land.
This power station was originally built by the Department of Railways to supply more power for Sydney’s growing Electric Tramway System in 1912 (and was later expanded for the City and Suburban Railway Electrification in the mid 1920s).The station was mothballed in 1970, but was retained for emergencies; its last operational use was during the power crisis of 1984. Though modernised and upgraded over the years since first constructed, its interior retains most of the equipment in place when it was finally closed (only 15 years ago). This retained equipment makes it a fairly unique and interesting survivor.
A popular venue for urban exploration groups (such as Cave Clan), photographers and, recently, film and television productions. Productions at the power station include The Matrix Reloaded, Red Planet and numerous Australian television series and advertisements.
They still do the occassional tours through the place. Although a lot of people sneak in there and grab some snaps, see the video below


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