Swans at Our Local Park

Swans at Our Local Park, originally uploaded by aussiegall.

This morning we took the dog for a walk to the local park. We haven’t been there for a while as we have been off exploring new places.

Last time we were at the park we noticed that the Black swans were sitting on a nest. I took the camera with me this morning hoping to see the family and get some photos and I was not disappointed The entire family were sitting on the bank close to the path and even though they took off into the water, they hung around long enough to let me get some photos. They didn’t like the dog and when she got too close to the water, the adult swans let her know that she wasn’t welcome. There is eight babies but unfortunately I couldn’t get them all in the photo at the same time. The babies look like big puffballs, so soft and fluffy.

birron swansa
I had the Sony and the picture quality was pretty crappy. I plan on going back again this weekend, this time decked out with the Canon,a monopod and a flash and hope to get some better quality photos. Fingers crossed.
birrong swansb


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