Another nest

We went up to the local shops at lunchtime and I noticed a couple of nervous swallows that were swooping us, then I heard some chirping coming from above and looked up to discover that there was a nest that had been built up the top corner of the shopfront. There was four little chicks in the nest.
Click on the pictures to see them larger

After lunch I went back up with the camera and flash and tried to get some photos. I stood there for a while and managed to get some photos of the chicks in the nest, after a while the parents got used to me and took it in turns to feed the babies. Several people stopped and talked to me, so we ended up with a bit of a gathering at one stage, it didn’t seem to worry the birds, they just kept feeding the chicks.

Because the nest was stuck in the corner I could only get photos from the one angle, so was unable to get any front on shots of the parents.

I plan on going up next weekend to see how much the chicks have grown, hopefully they will still be in the nest.


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