A Visit to the Old Tramshed

Well I finally did it, I managed to get in and get some photos of the old Rozelle Tram Depot, with a little help from some friends.

I mentioned it to a photographer friend and he decided to investigate the place on his way home from work one afternoon. He emailed me and told me that we could get in without having to climb through windows and made plans for the 4 of us to meet up and try our luck early Sunday morning when the light would be perfect. The shed has glass windows in the roof so we needed to get in while the sun was not too high.

We met at a nearby carpark at 6.30am and ventured into the shed. What an amazing place, wall to wall graffitti, plus some of the old trams that had been stored there were completely covered inside and out. We spent around an hour wandering around taking photos.
What an awesome place, we had a great time and I’m still processing the pictures. Next time I definitely will be trying my hand at HDR.
Erik took some video of the place, not the best as the light was pretty low and it was taken on a point and shoot. It will still give you a bit of an idea of what the place is like.

The shed has been used for some TV shows as well, here is a clip from All Saints.



3 thoughts on “A Visit to the Old Tramshed

  1. rockmad

    Hey why didn’t you tell me I would have come for sure!!!! Let me know how to get in? Or are you planning another trip over soon let me know!!!!!


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