A New Project for Next Year?

While surfing the internet, I came across a great site called Shuttercal

The idea of this site is to take a photo a day and upload it to your calendar page, then at the end of each month you can get all the images printed up and delivered to you. You also have the option of creating a slideshow, which looks pretty simple and easy to do

I did Project 365 on Flickr from October 2006- October 2007. During this year I only missed one day and that was the day my grandmother died. I started Project 365 when I first got my camera, in the hope that it would improve my photography and help me to be a bit more creative. During that year not I only did I learn a stack, I also upgraded to a DSLR as I had decided that photography would be a long term hobby for me. I made a ton of friends on Flickr and even managed to get one of pictures on their sign on page.

If I do Project 365 next year I will keep it as low key as possible and try doing images that are different from what I usually do. I have also decided that if I miss one or days during the year that it will be no big deal.

Here is a 5 min video on how it works. Anybody else interested in taking up the challenge?


6 thoughts on “A New Project for Next Year?

  1. aussiegall Post author

    Im signed up as mylifethroughthelens but I don’t have anything up yet. Not starting until the New year. Your keen I can see that you have started already 🙂

  2. rockmad

    Not long now and you will be starting you shuttercal! I have been on it – so funny Chris is starting to ask me “have you taken your photo for the calendar yet?”. Let me know when you start up so I can see what you are up too LoL

  3. aussiegall Post author

    Yep its getting close, I’m starting on New years day, really looking forward to it.

    Your doing well, its good that Chris is encouraging you, makes it much easier to keep it up.


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