Lighting Tips

Just searching through the internet looking for lighting that I can use to take photos at home and stumbled across this one.

I particularly like the large reflector that he has. I remember seeing a very similar home made one which probably was a fraction of the price. It was made from 3/4″ pvc pipe, elbows for the corners and tee fittings for the center of the long sides and had the cloth pegged to it. You could use it as a reflector or a backdrop. Just change the material. Spotlight sells gold reflective material for about $9.00 a metre. 2 metres would probably do the trick. I have an old portable wardrobe which I have pulled the cover off and will peg the reflective materials to. When I get my act together and make it I will post a picture.

For more tutorials check out this youtube site there are a couple of videos in french but the majority are in english.


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