My First Day of Shuttercal

Well I have started one of my resolutions for the year.
I uploaded my first picture to Shuttercal today for my Project 365.
I managed to complete a whole year of photographs a couple of years ago through Flickr
This time I thought I would give shuttercal a go and do it differently. I am going to be getting each month printed and will be purchasing one of their nifty shoeboxes, to store the prints in. A very cool idea.

This year I have decided to make it more about me, the last time I mainly took macro photos of birds and bugs. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I just want to add a bit of variety and have some personal photos. I will be taking at least one self portrait a month which will be a huge thing for me as I hate being in front of the camera. I also plan on getting some photos of the family, if they let me (they also hate being in front of the camera)

I know it will probably be a bit challenging at times as I don’t lead a very exciting life. I have a list of ideas in case I am stuck for a photo for the day.

We are collectors of anything old, so I have decided to also include some of the lovely old things that we own. I have included an old camera in my first photo.

I am planning on blogging some of the photos as well, hopefully this should help me blog more, which will fulfill another resolution.


3 thoughts on “My First Day of Shuttercal

    1. aussiegall Post author


      I have been a bit slack and haven’t ordered them yet, waiting until the end of March then will get three months at once.


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