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A Brilliant Handbag For Your DSLR

While on holidays I was a little bit naughty and was frequently carrying my DSLR in my handbag while visiting places. Why??? Because I hate carrying my camera bag around, not only does it look dorky but isn’t practical, too big and bulky, so I started carrying my camera in my handbag.

This was a bit of a worry, as I was scared that if I accidentally dropped my bag I would smash my camera and/or lens and it also meant that I had to pick which lens I wanted to use as I didn’t have enough room to carry around an extra.

When I returned from my holidays I decided to hunt around and see if anybody had thought about us gals and see if there was a handbag that would be suitable.

Well I found one, not only is it a reasonable price but it is exactly what I was looking for. They are Jo Totes

Its fairly plain which means it will go with anything your wearing and comes in 4 great colours I choose black as it is probably one of the easiest colours to work with, clothes and shoes wise.

They are $79 USD plus postage (approx $110 all up) but I had some money sitting in Paypal which I got for my photo sales through Gettys so I thought what the heck and bought one with that.

I did find some other camera handbags but they were a lot pricier and the shipping costs were over the top. There is also a lady on Flickr who has started up her own camera handbag company. They look pretty classy but unfortunately she does not ship overseas and they are also a bit pricey but you would expect that as the bag is leather and beautifully crafted. And this Giraffe print handbag is cute and reasonably priced but they don’t ship overseas.

Now I just have to wait for it’s arrival to see what it is really like. I have read some reviews from people who have purchased one and they are pretty happy with their bag, so I’m sure I will be happy with mine.


My First Day of Shuttercal

Well I have started one of my resolutions for the year.
I uploaded my first picture to Shuttercal today for my Project 365.
I managed to complete a whole year of photographs a couple of years ago through Flickr
This time I thought I would give shuttercal a go and do it differently. I am going to be getting each month printed and will be purchasing one of their nifty shoeboxes, to store the prints in. A very cool idea.

This year I have decided to make it more about me, the last time I mainly took macro photos of birds and bugs. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I just want to add a bit of variety and have some personal photos. I will be taking at least one self portrait a month which will be a huge thing for me as I hate being in front of the camera. I also plan on getting some photos of the family, if they let me (they also hate being in front of the camera)

I know it will probably be a bit challenging at times as I don’t lead a very exciting life. I have a list of ideas in case I am stuck for a photo for the day.

We are collectors of anything old, so I have decided to also include some of the lovely old things that we own. I have included an old camera in my first photo.

I am planning on blogging some of the photos as well, hopefully this should help me blog more, which will fulfill another resolution.

My New Years Resolutions for 2010

Well it’s that time of the year again, when I reflect on the year that was and also think of what my New Years Resolutions will be for the coming year.

I have a few changes that I would like to make for 2010:-
1. Do Project 365 ( a photo a day) I will be using Shuttercal this time instead of Flickr. This year the photos will be more about me and not flowers, bugs etc. It will be a bit of a challenge.
2. Have a more consistent yoga practice. I was doing Yoga daily until part way through this year and I fell off the cart. I practice at home using Podcasts. Yogamazing is the best. 20 minute sessions which is good if you are short of time. Just download them via Itunes they are free and he has something for everybody. To subscribe follow the link above then go to the “How do I Subscribe” heading and follow the instructions. No need to purchase them unless you really want to.
3. Keep up my daily meditation sessions and try set aside some time in the morning and also evening. Visit Meditation Oasis for some free guided meditations.
4. Try to be more positive!!!
5. Watch my diet and eat healthy.
6. Make sure that I pay a bit more attention to my garden and try to keep it weed free. Which is a bit hard at times as I go out with the intent to do the weeding and then get sidetracked by a bug/flower that I just have to get a photo of. 1 hour later and still no gardening done.
7. To try to post more often to my blog

Now I’m going to cross my fingers and toes and hope that I have the willpower to stick with the changes that I want to implement in 2010.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. See ya next year 😉